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Hi, I'm Don


In January 2017, Mayor Glenn Brasseaux offered me the position of City Manager. After some anxious discussions with my wife Harriet and a few prayers I accepted the position and retired from the Lafayette Fire Department. At the time I was also Carencro's Fire Chief so I stepped down to Assistant Fire Chief and reported to City Hall. 


City Manager is involved in every part of city operations and projects. Today, I'm managing $65 million worth of city projects including a new Fire Station to protect our excellent fire insurance rating,  and a new Police Station large enough for a state of the art Emergency Operations Center to manage emergencies and provide enough room to accommodate a growing department. Also city-wide drainage improvements, street overlay, water & sewerage system improvements, expansion of our natural gas system, and new cellular water meters that can detect even the smallest leak to prevent high bills. These projects ensure Carencro is always ready for business and residential growth.


Besides these projects I work with the Fire and Police Chief's to ensure they have the personnel, tools, and equipment necessary to protect our City. I oversee budget preparation, garbage service, software implementation, traffic signage, code enforcement, planning and permits, ordinance development, systems compliance, grass cutting, roadside trash pickup, ditch digging and culvert cleaning, facility maintenance, employee discipline, social media, hazardous waste day, sidewalk repair, and public safety issues including speed and traffic signage. 


On January 17, 2017, after 28 years, I retired from the Lafayette Fire Department as a District Chief at the busiest fire station in Lafayette. Prior to my promotion to District Chief I was a Fire & Rescue Captain at Station #2 where our motto was "Engine 2 can handle!"

While I was still an Engineer (driver) I was elected to serve as President of the Lafayette Fire Fighters Association. A position I held unopposed for 16 years. During that time my proudest accomplishments included working with legislators preserving health and cancer benefits. Those relationships are still intact. 

The most rewarding activities were the charitable events like "Fill The Boot" drives for Muscular Dystrophy. Throughout the year firefighters state-wide would compete and while I was President every year we finished 1st or 2nd including a record breaking year over $100,000!


2017 - Present 

In January 2014, Mayor Brasseaux offered me the position of Fire Chief which is considered part-time or 30 hours per week. I quickly found out that wasn't true. Despite the long hours I enjoyed the opportunity to work with the men and women who Volunteer their time to train on nights and weekends and then respond around the clock. 


 As Chief I completed the implementation of Civil Service classifications to bring order to hiring process while providing stability to attract and retain trained firefighters.

Following the flood of 2016, I purchased a military vehicle to serve as a high water rescue platform and with the lift gate it was very popular with the kids at fire prevention events. 

Later that year, Police Chief David Anderson and I co-sponsored Carencro's first National Night Out annual community-building campaign. 


In January 2017, I recommended Lafayette Firefighter Captain David Mouton to take my place as Fire Chief and I stepped down to Assistant Fire Chief and reported to City Hall.

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