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A Vision and a Voice for all of Carencro!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." Helen Keller

Carencro deserves a full-time Mayor focused solely on a vision of our bright future second only to faith and family.

Before I retired, firefighting instilled in me leadership qualities and my time in public service as City Manager has taught me organizational skills and provided the opportunity to develop relationships essential for our continued success with community leaders, legislators, and planning and development officials.

My vision for Carencro includes every resident, neighborhood and business as part of the planning process which begins with our first Master Plan. Our Master Plan will address Quality of Life, Public Safety, Land Use, Housing, Transportation and Connectivity, Economic Development, Cultural Resources, Recreation and Open Space, and finally Implementation. But a Master Plan is worthless if we can't preserve our sense of community.

And here's how we'll do it together:

  • Quality of Life - feeling safe in our homes and businesses is the cornerstone of a happy community. Only then can we securely raise our families and invest in homes and businesses.

    • We can maintain our small-town family atmosphere by improving walking, biking, and recreational opportunities.

    • Build sidewalks to provide safe routes to schools.

    • To protect your investments we've already begun to address blighted and abandoned properties to preserve your property values and remove opportunities for unauthorized entry with criminal intent.

  • Public Safety - to me this means ensuring the safety of the public.

    • Fire protection - construction is nearly complete on our third fire station that will provide a better emergency response with new trucks and a bunk room where firefighters will spend the night ready to respond.

    • Police protection - a new police station is being bid out now and will provide room for expanding our police force on property large enough for quadrupling in size as needed over the next several decades.

    • Emergency Management - the new police station will house our Emergency Operations Center which will serve as our nerve center during natural and man-made emergencies.

    • Storm response currently includes pre-positioned contracts for tree and debris removal and will soon include housing assistance and other resources thanks to new laws we lobbied for at the legislature.

    • Drainage Master Plan - since 2012 Carencro has invested over $15 million in drainage projects with amazing results despite not having a Master Plan. Our Engineering firm recently completed such a plan for the City of Scott and planning is already underway for a plan of our own.

  • Land Use - this requires us to take a hard look at how we want Carencro to look in the future. We have the opportunity to expand to the east, west, and north along our frontage road network.

  • Housing - neighborhoods are sprouting all across town with nearly 1000 home sites in development. With increasing property values the need for multi-family housing is in high demand. Economic development depends on having enough housing for a qualified workforce.

  • Transportation and Connectivity

    • Traffic management improvements at Exit 4, Hector Connoly and Veterans Dr. is a top priority. Phase 1 is nearing completion, Phase 2 is funded, and Phase 3 is in planning.

    • EXIT 5 - EXIT 5 at Hwy. 1252 is the answer to the rush hour congestion at EXIT 4. Residents from NE Lafayette Parish and SE Saint Landry Parish are all funneled into EXIT 4 as they commute to and from work. Preliminary discussions are underway and soon we'll be meeting with DOTD officials to discuss just how big a project this will be.

    • Carencro will be the first city to implement a bus route that connects to Lafayette to provide opportunities for employment and to bring a larger workforce for local businesses.

    • Roundabout planned at Carencro Heights to connect Tee Ma and Walter Dr.

    • Sidewalks for Safe Routes to Schools.

Economic Development - we've done well along I-49 but we can do so much more by creating a program focused on promoting Carencro to actively attract new and exciting developments.

  • Cultural Resources - the revitalization of the Cultural District Committee is perhaps our best resource for preserving our small-town charm.

  • Recreation & Open Space - throughout Carencro we have the opportunity to build pocket playgrounds for children without transportation to Pelican Park. Our Park And Recreation Commission represents a cross section of the community and is uniquely capable of expanding their services.

  • Implementation - here's where your input and participation is essential. Bringing together public officials, residents, businesses, civic and spiritual leaders to share ideas will ensure success!

This election is all about our future so I humbly ask for your vote!


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